Friday, April 22, 2011

Indoor What?....Okay I'll Try-it!!

Indoor climbing was a whole new world. We challenged ourselves for sure with this pick. Jennie and Reen climbed that wall like well let's say I prefer to have both feet on the ground. I went, I climbed (sort of), I watched. This event was not my style but I really admire the people that do it. It really takes a lot of strength to scurry up a looks so easy when you see some do it...but don't be fooled it is TOUGH!!!! We had a great instructor named Dan, Dan the climbing man. Has a nice ring to it right! He really was a great teacher and in his words he says he climbs a lot! We attended our class at the Calgary Climbing Center. It really has a lot to offer if you are into climbing and my experience with the staff, was great. They seem very knowledgeable and eager to help. They have a great beginner class for $40 (must book in advance) it is chalk full of info and you are welcome to stay there and practice as long as you like after class. The question is will I climb again. My answer is not unless I have to. I did learn some cool knots that will come in handy at the lake though! One thing that I will warn you about is that the harness's are tight and show everything...I mean everything...and I couldn't help but notice that all males look huge...really huge! me I was not the only one that noticed this!!!!~Tasha~

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