Monday, July 18, 2011


Well it seems like it has been a while but all of us girls finally had a chance to do an activitiy and it was paintball. We went to Rampage Paintball in Millarville and this time we included our husbands. We had a lot of fun! What I learned about myself is this....I am still a wimp...haha...I knew that going in and I have reconfirmed it again. I was too scared to get hit by the paint bullets and luckily I only got hit strategy was to not get I pretty much stayed in one spot on each field and became an overzealous sniper, I know I went through more paintballs then everyone and I can't even say for sure if I hit anyone. But I still loved it. My husband Kevin also enjoyed this and we will definately be doing it again...
At first we played wives against husbands...and we quickly learned that us girls didn't have a chance against one point I was stuck behind a barricade and Kevin and Rick were both shooting at me and I got wimpy and jumped out and said I was hit..but I wasn' I walked over to the dead zone to find Jennie and Reen also in there and we had left Tasha to fend for herself...haha...she came back to us with her goggles splattered in paint.
The Millarville site has 7 different fields to play on and we played on 3 of was called "The Town" and that was my fave as there was wood buildings to hide in..the goal was to raise your team flag in 3 different areas and then defend them for 15 minutes to see who was the winner...I would definately reccomend this to all...go check it out!
It was fun to see our husbands out as well...and I look forward to doing another group activity like this again...

Paintball - Blasts of Fun!

Jennie and I getting ready
So if I start rambling and not making too much sense in this particular posting, it's because I was nailed in the head with a paintball.  For reals.  Marsha's husband Kevin got me good.  And you know what?  I totally deserved it!  Bobbing around like a wanna be Rambo, it was just a matter of time.  Other than the head shot, the game was so fun!  I think paintball gave me a real understanding of who I am...a really nervous fighter.  I either spray bullets like nobody's business or hunker down and silently pray that the game will be ending soon.  I don't think my heart could beat any faster.  I could literally hear it pumping like mad!  The girls invited the husbands for this unique event and I am so glad we did.  The boys got along great.  But seriously how could they not really enjoy themselves when the first game was "capture the flag" and it was husbands against wives?  It feels great to shoot someone with little to no consequences.  Wait, does that not sound sinister or what?  On two occasions I nailed my own husband with a satisfactory spray.  Maybe that will teach him to pick his clothes up off the floor!  Not likely.  The setting was fantastic with a beautiful summer morning in Millerville (just outside Calgary) country.  The girls were impressive, diving into bushes and hiding around trees and bunkers.  The only thing missing was a cold one after the game.  We are already in the process of planning another go at it!  Special thanks goes to Groupon for providing an awesome deal of just $20 for two people to go nuts and a big shout out to Jesse from Rampage Paintball for showing us the ropes and dealing with the likes of us!

Stay away from Rick the Sniper!!! :)

Groupon: $20 for 2 people
Rampage Paintball: They have 3 sites (Indoor, Okotoks and Millarville)
Extra costs... Paid an extra $10 for 100 paintballs (coveralls were included in the price at this location)

Today the Try-it-Girls went out of our usual comfort zone and invited our lovely husbands to join in on our adventures. I think it's so great how easy it was to all get together. No work - no pressure - no regrets. Everyone just hangs, chats, laughs ... a great group of people!

After we geared up my heart quickly accelerated! I haven't played paintball for over 10 years. The last time (with a different company) it was a bit chilly outside. The paintballs also felt chilly ... creating quarter sized welts all over my body upon impact (yikes). Today, i'm afraid was no exception. I thought the bruises came because it was a bit cold out - I was wrong! However... I really enjoyed it!!!

Our first game was interesting...
It took a bit of time to get used to the mask and the heat, but all was good. I decided to layer my clothes today (sweats, tank, long socks, high boots, long-sleeve shirt, winter gloves to protect the knuckles, scarf to protect the neck - all under my coveralls). The first hit I received... right under the butt. Eeeeee-ouch! I was the one on the field with the potty mouth today. Us girls took on the boys for field #1. I'm afraid the game didn't last too long. But I can definitely say, the effort was there. It's not easy maintaining the confidence when your friends hubby (aka Rick) comes prepared for paintball with his own gear and a huge stash of paintballs! He had this cool attachment for his gun... his own "special pair" of gloves... a mask with a built in camera (was this for real Tasha? was he kidding?). Don't get me wrong, i've seen Rick a few times now and I really like him. Today... I was a bit scared! That sniper was on a mission!! :)

We played a few other games. 'The Town' was my favorite. 'The Bunker's my least. Seriously... who likes to pop their head out of a bunker - only to be pelted in the head??? Reen and I camped out behind a few fallen trees and just fired like mad women! No way I was getting into a bunker! I was impressed though... Tasha got herself right into that mess (you go girl!)

I ended up watching the last game after taking one in the knuckle. Unfortunately, the gloves didn't save me today! Overall, we had a great day. The weather was good. I really enjoyed this site (near Millarville market). I do have about 7 welts on the body (all but one near my arse). I'd take a picture, but due to the location I dont think anybody needs to see it! So... if your ok with a few bruises and dont need to wear a dress to a wedding anytime soon - i'd say go for it!!!

Cheers, Jennie

Sunday, July 17, 2011


So the girls decided to take on the world of paintball. We all bought a Groupon 2 for $20 which included everything through Rampage Paintball. They have 2 outdoor locations and an indoor course in Calgary. We chose the Millarville location. It was really secluded and very cool. We thought it would be fun to invite our husbands. We played guys against girls for the first 2 games...we got smoked and we have pictures to prove it. This was my first time paint balling, my husband Rick used to go all the time before we had kids. He used to come home with welts and bruises and the biggest smile on his face. I always thought he was crazy and how could that be fun. I will admit that it was fun but Holy Sh*t is it painful. I was really nervous and as it turns out I had reason to be. I liked it much better when we switched and had our men on our team. we played against a group of paintball pros...aka kids...hahaha...mind you most of them were younger than 17. But hey in my opinion if you have your own gun and come in your own camo gear your either a poser or a this case PRO'S. Us old folks took them down...hahahaha! Jesse was our instructor/referee. He was easy going, he took us to 3 out of the 7 courses they have there. We played different games at each one. I would definitely recommend it. I would go again and I can see how people get really into it, however I need to let my bruises heal first!


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