Rants and Raves

Sometimes a girls just got to talk...OK, maybe that's just about all the time.  The Try It Girls strive to continuously try new things, whether it be products, reading new books, or maybe a particular adventure peeked our interest and we have become invested in it.  Whatever it is, we want to tell you about it so that maybe you too can go out and TRY IT!

Laser Round #2

So it was that time again to get zapped...literally zapped. I am happy to report that it went really well. I switched laser ladies because I bought this amazing deal through Living Social. I went to Eclipse Laser Hair Removal and she was awesome. It was in her house, it was super clean and felt very spa like. What I really liked about this place was that right before she zaps you she puts an ice pack on and by the time you get over the initial shock of the ice, she has already lasered you. LOVE THAT!!!! I was in and out in 30 minutes. I love the results of laser hair removal and so does my husband...tee-hee!!!!~Tasha~

Reen vs. Laser - battle of the hair removal 
round 2
Today I visited a new Laser Lady (that's what I call them now) and it was wonderful!  I have no idea what I was talking about before!  This is what it should feel like.  I bought a fantastic deal through Living Social that offered a discount on 3 laser hair removal sessions with Eclipse Laser Hair.  Kimberly was great.  We chatted, she zapped and 30 minutes later I was a hair free woman.  She works from her home and it was lovely, bright and airy.  The spa mood music put me at ease and the ice pack cooled my sensitive skin.  It was relatively painless.  No kidding.  I did however add a liberal amount of Emla cream (numbing lotion) an hour before my visit, but it was so quick that I didn't have time to work myself up.  A honestly can't wait to go again and get that much closer to my hair free life.


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