Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Laser is a good thing...

Well I did it...and I had a good time while doing it!! We went to Laser Hair Away a home based business, it was in the basement of the owner Maria's house. It was very relaxed and we sat and sipped on wine (actually I gulped, I was nervous) and giggled while we waited our turn.

Laser Hair Removal

So now I know what that feels like!!!!

So I did it, it was painful but I will do it again.

When we made the appointment to get laser hair removal. Maria the laser goddess told us to buy Emla cream (a topical numbing cream) and apply it an hour before our appointment. I got the 5g tube when I should of bought the 30g tube. So needless to say I was lacking in the cream department...OUCH!!!! But it did give me hope because in two months when I go again I plan on using the whole 30g tube.

I survived Laser Hair Removal and all I got was a bit of a sunburn on my privates..

I did it!  Sure it's not the most comfortable thing in the world but I got through it and am super excited to see some results.  In the back of my mind I am hoping I am one of the few that only needs to go in 5 times as opposed to the normal 6.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Eagle will be landing in approx 3 hours....

So we have been talking about laser hair removal for the last week or so...and I thought sure I'd do problem, but I didn't think it would be so soon. I am not so nervous about the pain...I am a little apprehensive about the lady me....down there. Tasha says she stares at vaginas all the big deal...haha...maybe for her...she isn't a little bit on the plump side...The lady said to bring a bottle of wine and we can sit around and wait for each other to go, I think I may need my own bottle...a little liquid courage couldn't hurt! - Marsha

Laser Hair Removal Where???....Down there...whaaat...I'm in!

So the big day has arrived. A little over 3 hours to go and I am calm cool on the outside and freaking out on the inside. Hahaha...all my friends have told me if you can have a baby this will be a breeze. Probably true, however just the fact that child labour and laser hair removal Brazilian style are being compared is frightening enough. The benefits however, never having to wax or shave again....Is it worth it??? I think so, but I will certainly let you know one way or another. - Tasha want to laser what?

It all started with a simple statement from my good friend Tasha, "Let's get laser hair removal.".  OK, I'm game, but what exactly do you want do get done?  OH.  So, maybe you can guess...the nether region, the south of the border area.  Yup, so there you have it.  48 hours later and here we are at an in-home spa spreading our legs for a smooth, more self assured feeling.  Needless to say, I'm nervous.  But here goes hopefully....nothing.


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