Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Open a restaurant and the magic word...

We went to Open Sesame to celebrate Reen's birthday. I had never been there before but I had always wanted to try it and it was a hit!! I liked it a lot. I am a fussy eater so this was the perfect place for me because you get to pick out your whole stir fry and then they cook it for you. I had chicken with vermicelli and then added honey garlic sauce to all my veggies...and I added a small spoonful of chili peppers and mine was spicy...but still super good. I then shared the Peanut Butter Blondie with Jennie...mmm that was good too. I would totally reccomend this grab your girlfriend's or your guy...even the whole family but I would call ahead and make a reservation, the place fills up fast. And the prices were very reasonable, I had the stirfry, a beer and shared dessert and my bill was under $25.00!~Marsha

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mmmmmm ... dessert at Open Sesame

After a 3 day Quickbook course (18hours of fun) ... I was thrilled to meet up for Reen's birthday dinner (here's to another year of 29!)

My first priority ... a tall glass of Sleeman's Honey Brown.

I've been to this restaurant before and am happy to report that it still meets my expectations. The stir fry was good... but the beer and fantastic dessert were my top choices today.

I totally recommend the Peanut Butter Blondie.
From the menu... "A blondie square baked with white chocolate and peanut butter, served warm with Callebaut white chocolate hot fudge sauce, ice cream and real whipped cream".
Recommendation: Share it (its huge!)

Cheers - Jennie

Restaurant Review - Open Seseme

Yummy yum yum!  The girls and I met up at Open Sesame to celebrate my birthday and to enjoy a lazy Sunday dinner together.  It was fantastic!  We arranged to meet at 4:30 (no, we really are NOT that old that we require the Early Bird Special) for dinner.  And to my surprise there was a small "line-up" outside!  In fact, the hostess looked a bit stressed that we did not have a dinner reservation.  The place filled up fast and so did my tummy!  I went for the Go Stir Crazy off the extensive menu.  I was given a bowl and then directed to the bar where I filled up on veggies, sauces, and spices.  A bit daunting for me as I like just about everything and could potentially end up with a bowl full of yuck if combined all together.  Lucky for me, I showed some resolve and stuck to one sauce choice.  I dropped my heaping bowl off with the kitchen and they got right down to work, stir frying my concoction with added BBQ pork and vermicelli noodles.  It arrived steaming hot and super duper yummy.  The waitress was tipped off that it was my birthday and she brought me out a super yummy treat of Banana Wontons!  The girls might have noticed that I inhaled them (sorry!).  The verdict on Open Sesame?  I will be gracing their doors again!  But what really made the night was just being with friends who love me and spoil me silly!  Thanks girls for a great time (as always) and I look forward to our next adventure!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Open Sesame~Great Friends=Good Times!!!

So one of the Try-it Girls had a birthday and we decided to go for an early dinner and drink at Open Sesame on Macleod Trail to celebrate her. It really was a great time. We sat, drank, chatted, laughed and relaxed. It was exactly what I needed after a busy weekend. The restaurant opened at 4:30 and by 5 it was packed. I never would of thought it would be so busy on a Sunday afternoon. I had the bbq pork with vermicelli noodles and rice. I chose a Thai peanut sauce and a ton of YUMMY!!! I will definitely go back to this spot. I ordered a creme brulee for dessert...I don't recommend it, it was like curdled milk...YUCK! But no biggy, worked out good for me as I didn't need all those calories anyway. Thanks girls for a great time and Happy Birthday!!! ~Tasha~


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