Friday, April 22, 2011

Indoor Rock Climbing - Climb on, and on, and on!

This adventure was so super fun!  Tasha, Jennie and I booked an intro class at the Calgary Climbing Center for a cool $40.  I wasn't too sure what to expect, but was amazed at the actual facility.  It has climbing everything!  I'm just a beginner (obviously) but I'm sure if I was a climbing savant, this is the place I would like to be.  The clientele looked like they were VERY serious about their climbing.  Our instructor, Dan, was really great and most of all patient (it can't be easy teaching girls that giggle at each others bums in the harness).  Dan taught us how to tie a terrific figure eight knot and then we learned how to attach the ropes to ourselves.  Our partner figured out the belay system (can't remember what any of the devices are called) and then before you knew it one girl was scaling the wall and the other was managing the other end!  It was awesome!  I'd like to tackle this outside as the indoor thing got old pretty quick, but because of our crumby climate, this was the best we were going to do in April.  Because there were three of us, I broke off for a little bit and helped a fellow climber.  Unfortunately for him, I dropped him.  Sorry guy.  He really wasn't hurt, just a little fazed...poor kid.  That is just another reminder that I should always try to PAY ATTENTION!  Will I climb again, hells yeah!  Will the guy I dropped?  Who knows?

Indoor What?....Okay I'll Try-it!!

Indoor climbing was a whole new world. We challenged ourselves for sure with this pick. Jennie and Reen climbed that wall like well let's say I prefer to have both feet on the ground. I went, I climbed (sort of), I watched. This event was not my style but I really admire the people that do it. It really takes a lot of strength to scurry up a looks so easy when you see some do it...but don't be fooled it is TOUGH!!!! We had a great instructor named Dan, Dan the climbing man. Has a nice ring to it right! He really was a great teacher and in his words he says he climbs a lot! We attended our class at the Calgary Climbing Center. It really has a lot to offer if you are into climbing and my experience with the staff, was great. They seem very knowledgeable and eager to help. They have a great beginner class for $40 (must book in advance) it is chalk full of info and you are welcome to stay there and practice as long as you like after class. The question is will I climb again. My answer is not unless I have to. I did learn some cool knots that will come in handy at the lake though! One thing that I will warn you about is that the harness's are tight and show everything...I mean everything...and I couldn't help but notice that all males look huge...really huge! me I was not the only one that noticed this!!!!~Tasha~

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Belay on!!!


We (sans Marsha) signed up for a 2 hour introductory adult class at the Calgary Climbing Centre (Fraser Road - SE location). From the parking lot, it doesn't look like much... but when I stepped inside, I felt an instant adrenaline rush! Trust me... I'm not climbing crazy boulders yet, but i'm definitely into this.

'Dan the climbing man' was our instructor this evening. He walked us through putting on the harness (you want it tight, but not too tight that body parts are shouting 'look at me!' Yikes!) We tied ropes (the good ol figure 8), figured out how to work the carabiner and called out instructions to each other (Belay on! Climbing!)

Honestly, I can see why people get addicted ... I wanted to try it again and again. Not only that, it was super cool watching other people hang on and maneuver their way up and around. We had some great laughs & cheered each other on. Sign me up!!!

Cheers - Jennie


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