Our Adventures

A run down of our adventures...

We thought about it long and hard and decided that our first ever adventure would be Laser Hair Removal. Follow our unique opinions as three out of the four participated in this very personal endeavor...enjoy!

Bikram Yoga. Let's give it a try and see what all the fuss is about. Bikram Yoga runs 90 minutes long and consists of 26 poses/postures and 2 breathing exercises. It is practiced in a room heated to a whopping 40 degrees Celsius with a humidity of 40%! THAT'S DAMN HOT!

We are off to the movies!  The girls took in Country Strong together.  The movie tells the story of a rising young singer-songwriter (Hedlund) who gets involved with a fallen, emotionally unstable country star (Paltrow), the pair embark on a career resurrection tour helmed by husband/manager (McGraw) and featuring a beauty-queen-turned singer (Meester).  Between concerts, romantic entanglements  and old demons threaten to derail them all.  Check out what we have to say about the movie!

It was time to shake our booty!  The girls took in Zumba together.  Zumba is a Latin inspired fitness program that has grown in popularity over the years and currently is the hottest fitness trend.  Have a look and see what the girls had to say!

Adventure #5 - March 2011
The girls decide to dive deep, literally, and experience Scuba Diving!  Check out our different posts as we all have a different view on this unique adventure.

Adventure #6 March 2011
We decided to test our artistic skills in a painting class. We started with a blank canvas and left with a Masterpiece. Have a look for yourself and decide if the girls are painters in the making!

Adventure #7 March 2011

Book Club #1
Hunger Games/Catching Fire/Mockingjay
The girls opted to read this amazing series and were so into it, that we just can't help but to share our book reviews...happy reading!

An interesting class in Sahaja Meditation Yoga.  Join the girls as we clutch our purses in this different form of meditation yoga.

The girls, sans Marsha, scaled an indoor rock climbing wall!  Follow us as we blog about our different experiences with this awesome adventure at Calgary Climbing Center!

Adventure #10 May 2011
DINNER!  The girls head out to fill their bellies with tasty treats at Open Sesame.  Check out the reviews!

Adventure #11 May 2011
We head out to Calgary Coop for a night of wine tasting and fashion.  Follow along as we share our individual experiences of the fun filled evening.


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