Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Painting - 101

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about this one.  The inspiration artwork looked a bit unattainable.  But I have to say I really impressed myself.  Our instructors name was Piroska Pipo.  She is everything you want in a teacher, kind, patient, encouraging and talented in her craft.  Pirosko teaches a new painting class every 3rd Tuesday.  The cost is super affordable at only $15 and that includes all your materials for the class.  The atmosphere is wonderful, as it is located in Caffe Crema, a cute little coffee shop in Bridlewood.  I encourage the faint of heart to give it a try as I am not the artist type and I am super proud of my artwork!
An artist is born!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The finished product!

Tasha's Masterpiece!

Jennie's Masterpiece!

Reen's Masterpiece!

Marsha's Masterpiece!

Painting with friends

So tonight we went to Caffe Crema in Bridlewood, it's a fun little coffee shop that offers so much more. They have this awesome painting class once a month, family game night, coffee tasting night plus so much more. If you check it out they have a calendar of all their events.

Back to painting...we had such a good night, lots of laughs and stories of our younger days all this while we learned how to paint a special coffees and tea....mmm good. Piroska Pipo, the instructor, was so nice and we all found that you really don't need to be an artist for your painting to turn out. And even though we were all doing the same painting...everyone's painting looks so different.

I think this is something we will do again, it's also something that I think I would bring my 10 year old daughter to...something fun we could do together and not overly complicated. So if you are at all interested...make sure you sign up early as the class fills up quickly...and it only cost $15.00!!

I am not sure what is next on our agenda...but I can tell you this blog and our outings are so much fun and something that I always look forward to!!! Til next time....Marsha

Painted, chatted with friends and drank a green tea/lemonade slushie

I consider myself a pro at 'finger painting' and 'paint by number', but this is something much more grown up. What a great way to spend the evening with friends and/or meet new people! Up to 15 people can sign up (in advance) for the evening. For $15, an artist walks you through the painting she has prepared for the evening - paint and your canvas are all included!

Caffe Crema is located in Bridlewood. To be perfectly honest, I didn't know it existed until Tasha told us about it a few weeks back. It's got a homey atmosphere - couches and lots of space. Check out the events calendar on their website. They've got live music (which I like!), free coffee tasting (I think we'll swing by again for this as well), family game night, craft hour and more. The bevies looked delicious - each of us tried something different.
Overall, I had a good time! Am I an aspiring artist??? I think I need to attend a few more Tuesday nights :)
Cheers - Jennie

Painting with the girls...Oh what fun!

So tonight we took in a painting course at Caffe Crema in Bridlewood. Every 3rd Tuesday of the month they offer a painting class for $15. What only $15 you say...that's right! It includes everything paint, canvas and step by step instructions from a fantastic art teacher named Piroska and you leave with your very own painting! I loved it!!!

Now I am not an artist at all and I actually think that there is an elephant out there that paints better than I do, but I truly enjoyed it. The conversation reached an all time high with the girls and I have learned so much about my fellow Try-it's...let's just say if I ever need to blackmail one of them I got the goods and vice-versa...hahaha! I knew there was a reason why I liked these girls so much. The coffee shop Caffe Crema is a top notch place with great coffee and a plethora of tasty beverages. It is a great hang out spot and they offer so many events including live music. I have learned tonight that it is a little gem in Bridlewood that I will frequent often. If you are in the neighbourhood definitely check them out you will not regret it. I plan on attending a few more painting classes to practice my skills!!! ~Tasha~


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