Thursday, April 21, 2011

Belay on!!!


We (sans Marsha) signed up for a 2 hour introductory adult class at the Calgary Climbing Centre (Fraser Road - SE location). From the parking lot, it doesn't look like much... but when I stepped inside, I felt an instant adrenaline rush! Trust me... I'm not climbing crazy boulders yet, but i'm definitely into this.

'Dan the climbing man' was our instructor this evening. He walked us through putting on the harness (you want it tight, but not too tight that body parts are shouting 'look at me!' Yikes!) We tied ropes (the good ol figure 8), figured out how to work the carabiner and called out instructions to each other (Belay on! Climbing!)

Honestly, I can see why people get addicted ... I wanted to try it again and again. Not only that, it was super cool watching other people hang on and maneuver their way up and around. We had some great laughs & cheered each other on. Sign me up!!!

Cheers - Jennie

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