Monday, July 18, 2011

Stay away from Rick the Sniper!!! :)

Groupon: $20 for 2 people
Rampage Paintball: They have 3 sites (Indoor, Okotoks and Millarville)
Extra costs... Paid an extra $10 for 100 paintballs (coveralls were included in the price at this location)

Today the Try-it-Girls went out of our usual comfort zone and invited our lovely husbands to join in on our adventures. I think it's so great how easy it was to all get together. No work - no pressure - no regrets. Everyone just hangs, chats, laughs ... a great group of people!

After we geared up my heart quickly accelerated! I haven't played paintball for over 10 years. The last time (with a different company) it was a bit chilly outside. The paintballs also felt chilly ... creating quarter sized welts all over my body upon impact (yikes). Today, i'm afraid was no exception. I thought the bruises came because it was a bit cold out - I was wrong! However... I really enjoyed it!!!

Our first game was interesting...
It took a bit of time to get used to the mask and the heat, but all was good. I decided to layer my clothes today (sweats, tank, long socks, high boots, long-sleeve shirt, winter gloves to protect the knuckles, scarf to protect the neck - all under my coveralls). The first hit I received... right under the butt. Eeeeee-ouch! I was the one on the field with the potty mouth today. Us girls took on the boys for field #1. I'm afraid the game didn't last too long. But I can definitely say, the effort was there. It's not easy maintaining the confidence when your friends hubby (aka Rick) comes prepared for paintball with his own gear and a huge stash of paintballs! He had this cool attachment for his gun... his own "special pair" of gloves... a mask with a built in camera (was this for real Tasha? was he kidding?). Don't get me wrong, i've seen Rick a few times now and I really like him. Today... I was a bit scared! That sniper was on a mission!! :)

We played a few other games. 'The Town' was my favorite. 'The Bunker's my least. Seriously... who likes to pop their head out of a bunker - only to be pelted in the head??? Reen and I camped out behind a few fallen trees and just fired like mad women! No way I was getting into a bunker! I was impressed though... Tasha got herself right into that mess (you go girl!)

I ended up watching the last game after taking one in the knuckle. Unfortunately, the gloves didn't save me today! Overall, we had a great day. The weather was good. I really enjoyed this site (near Millarville market). I do have about 7 welts on the body (all but one near my arse). I'd take a picture, but due to the location I dont think anybody needs to see it! So... if your ok with a few bruises and dont need to wear a dress to a wedding anytime soon - i'd say go for it!!!

Cheers, Jennie

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