Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our golf get-away...

My first question ... What do you wear golfing?
Next ... Will beverages be involved?
Lastly ... Can I bring my husbands balls?

And the answer is ... yoga pants, coolers and make a note to bring more balls next time :)

As always, I enjoyed the adventure. I haven't golfed for +12 years and I believe I swung at air then too! The pink lemonade coolers definitely helped (good recommendation Tasha). Let's be honest though... isnt this why people golf?? Kinda wish I wore some rain boots though ... much easier to spray down with the hose after strolling through geese poop.

This was fun - good laughs - bit of an adventure (searching for balls, watching them bounce back off of rocks or trying to find the right flag)!

Not my favourite activity, but always fun when your with the right people.

Cheers, Jennie

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