Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So now I know what that feels like!!!!

So I did it, it was painful but I will do it again.

When we made the appointment to get laser hair removal. Maria the laser goddess told us to buy Emla cream (a topical numbing cream) and apply it an hour before our appointment. I got the 5g tube when I should of bought the 30g tube. So needless to say I was lacking in the cream department...OUCH!!!! But it did give me hope because in two months when I go again I plan on using the whole 30g tube.
The truth is it totally is manageable and the benefits are amazing! Another great part of the whole experience was doing it with friends in a totally relaxed environment. A glass of wine, great conversation with girlfriends and the smell of burning hair...what could be better.

What can I say about Maria? She is awesome, totally puts you at ease. She came highly recommended by a friend and she is fantastic. Her business is called Laser Hair Away. She has flexible hours as she works out of her home. Her prices are great, she is very knowledgeable with 15 years experience! Grab a girlfriend and give her a call 403-667-5394. Thanks Maria see you in 2 months!!!! - Tasha

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