Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Laser is a good thing...

Well I did it...and I had a good time while doing it!! We went to Laser Hair Away a home based business, it was in the basement of the owner Maria's house. It was very relaxed and we sat and sipped on wine (actually I gulped, I was nervous) and giggled while we waited our turn.
Maria was very nice and put us at ease and I didn't even feel that self conscious, maybe a little. As it turned out I really had nothing to be nervous about, I piled on the Emla cream, literally and when it was my turn I was nice and numb and I didn't feel much discomfort. I think the key to a less painful experience is lots of Emla cream and if you are with a group of girls...go last like I did so the cream has more time to numb....I will do it again in 2 months and looking forward to a few more laughs girls!!! Oh ya.. and Maria said I was the toughest out of them...heeheehee! - Marsha

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  1. I've never been to Brazilia! Can't wait! Hehe


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