Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Sahaja Meditation Experience

In the zone
Well that was...interesting. I am still experiencing some lukewarm feelings towards Sahaja Meditation Yoga. The girls and I agreed to meet at the location, which was a community center. Great! I was totally looking forward to it. As a mom of two and just going through a week of illnesses with the youngsters, I viewed this time as a glorified napping session for myself. Was I ever wrong. First red flag, the girls and I were the only ones in yoga clothes, everyone else showed up in jeans. Second red flag, a framed picture of a stranger sitting on a table with a candle burning in front of her. Third red flag, the host. Fourth red flag, the room! It was tiny, there was NO way we were napping in this environment! Fifth red flag, minimal instruction and then WHAM! We were to close our eyes and not to open them again, until we were told it was OK to do so. Suspicious? Oh Yeah! I am thanking my stars that I had left my handbag in my car. My senses were certainly heightened as I scanned the room for any out of the ordinary behavior.
I know I have a LOT of red flags, but I really think the activity of meditation is valuable. When I was able to calm my mind, after I was self assured I was not going to be jacked in the room. It was enjoyable. The question I ask myself is, why does meditation have to be so strange? What's wrong with just hanging out in your room without a strange framed lady staring at you in flickering candlelight, and finding some time to reflect? My answer, NOTHING! Do what makes you happy. Is Sahaja Mediation for me? No. But I do see the validity in some kind of meditation, just do what feels right to you.

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  1. Isn't it so funny that we all had the same vibe.


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