Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - "I felt emptiness in my head"

I found an ad on Kijiji about FREE 'Sahaja Meditation Yoga' offered in various locations throughout the city. Why not? ... It's free!

When I arrived at the location, I admit I was taken back. In my head, I had this vision - a white gymnasium, big windows, people sitting cross-legged on mats, complete peace and serenity. I wasn't expecting the wee little cement wall room & uncomfortable metal framed chairs. I had to remind myself ... 'this is free & this person is volunteering his time'. Luckily I remembered I brought a mat, so after my legs got numb I moved from the chair to the floor.

The 'yogi' told us about chakras, the flow of energy and blockages. At one point I saw Tasha and Reen's expression and almost busted out laughing. I know I owe you both a beverage for agreeing to try this out with me :) After some time, we did experience a guided meditation. I truly enjoyed this part and actually felt absolute silence in my head - hallelujah! (...that is, after I made sure my purse was still in close proximity!)

Would I go to this group again? no
However, I would try it on my own at home ... maybe before heading to bed
Cheers - Jennie


  1. Hahaha so funny Jennie!!! Glad I wasn't the only one who thought we were going to be robbed!

  2. Too funny almost sorry I missed this one...


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