Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sahaja Meditation Yoga.....what?

I will start off by saying that I am no Yogi or Yogini or whatever they call it. I wasn't going in to this and I certainly am not now. Since I believe in telling the true experience I will say going into tonight's yoga I really thought I was going to be robbed. I kept an eye on my bag the whole time. My eyes were supposed to be shut but I just had a bad vibe I guess. So what is meditation yoga...hmmm....well apparently I have a mosquito looking coil in my vajay-jay that needs to be fired up, it activates my Kundalini and in a circle like flow shoots some wind out the top of my head. Makes sense right...right!!! OMG What The??? So I think everyone should have quiet time to relax your mind from time to time. But the thought of doing this twice a day for 15 minutes boggles my mind. To me it seemed more like a religious ritual or something along those lines. They gave us a picture of some lady to put in a frame, told us to light a candle, sit cross legged in front of this framed lady and meditate to not for me! In spite of this I will say I still had a ton of fun with the girls. There were so many times that I had to control myself from laughing hysterically. Do I recommend Meditation Yoga...NO! But I do recommend trying new things with your girlfriends and laughing at yourself and each other! So much fun!!!! For some reason I feel like I have to end this with this quote "May the force be with you" ~Tasha~


  1. Every time I read the line about your mosquito coil and the wind shooting out of your head ... I pee myself a bit! You know... I think we might get the same 'relaxation' results if our hubbies were home with the kiddos & we were sitting in a pub???

  2. So true, so true! Let's Try that next week!!!


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