Friday, January 21, 2011

Super-sized easy bake oven - got to love bikram yoga!

Ok ... what is that smell???
Oh ... it's coming from that smoking hot easy bake oven of a room.
So i'm sitting on this bench with Tasha and Reen (just outside the easy bake), waiting patiently for our turn to go in. I'm watching people stumbling out (from the class before) ... all wet and ... hold it ... pretty much naked. That looked like a bra... I think those are boxers. What am I wearing you ask??? YOGA PANTS and a tank. I learn pretty quick that this was a big mistake.
I'm rolling my pants up over my knees and wondering if anyone would really notice if I just gear down. The easy bake is dark and very very hot. How many people are in here anyways??? I hope there isn't a fire cause we are packed in here like sardines - there is no escape ...literally. We've been told that its a 90 minute session and once you're in - you're in. You can lay down on your mat ... but you don't leave.
At first i'm thinking... this isn't so bad. Sure ... the towel on top of my mat is completely soaked with my sweat, but I have stretched my body into positions I didn't know I could do anymore. My 20 year old body is no longer present - so this was a pretty inspiring moment for me! All of a sudden, I feel the urge to throw up ... and i'm terrified that this projectile is going to hit every die-hard yoga goddess in the row infront of me. I lay down in my pool of sweat and Tasha calmly points out that i've turned green. I'm sipping on warm water and trying to not close my eyes (this is the worst possible thing to do).
So how did it turn out??? I managed to stay in that room the entire 90 minutes, and got back up to do a few more poses. I survived the easy bake!!! And... showed up there again :) The second time was sooooo much better. But seriously... are guys really into this stuff? ... or are they trying to get their mat lined up behind the girl who's wearing short shorts and no undies (sorry Tasha - I know you've been scarred by the memory!) Honestly though... i'd do it again! - Jennie

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