Friday, January 21, 2011

I think I'd rather SKYDIVE ... again!!!

So... I keep hearing about how amazing laser hair removal is. Seriously??? The girls keep recommending it - encouraging me to show up for the next big adventure ... in less than 2 months (and counting down!).
I admit it ... i'm not great with pain. Somehow I managed to have kids without drugs - not sure how that happened, but its not like I was given much of a choice! You wouldn't believe the words that come out of my mouth when I decide its time for a bikini wax!

I can live with hair. I think. As long as there is some kind of maintenance program :) I just cant sign up for this - sorry to disappoint you all. When I hear about the experience ... that it feels like an elastic band ... snapped over and over again ... over your woo-hoo ... i'm in no rush to get in line. For the meantime, i'm embracing my current body ... all shaved, waxed and trimmed :)
Just before the girls went in for 'the big day' I remember telling Reen about the time I went skydiving. I did a tandem-jump the first time ... almost 13,000 feet up. Honestly - i'm glad I did it - it was on my personal 'check list'. All I remember is how my face was literally stretched back to my ears from the wind ... and the huge amount of saliva that pelted it because I was so much in shock I couldn't keep my mouth closed! My free-fall lasted almost a minute before my chute opened. At this point, I finally took a breath. I remember being sooooo excited to skydive. After I did it, I looked at my husband (then - boyfriend) and told him clearly that this was the first and only time. Thankfully, I survived and I have the picture to prove it!
The point of this long winded story... When Reen tried (...ever so nicely) to encourage me to join them in their laser removal adventure, I simply responded "I'd rather skydive"! Looking forward to the next adventure though ladies! A little Zumba???? - Jennie

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  1. Totally looking forward to Zumba! But I think I would rather have twins again then!!!


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