Friday, January 21, 2011

Hot Bikram Yoga...

Well I asked the girls if anyone wanted to try Bikram Yoga. To tell the truth I had no idea what it was all about. I did know that you could burn up to 1100 calories a session. That was all I needed to know. I was up for it. I had never done any kind of yoga prior to this, so I really had no clue. The website said that Bikram yoga was perfect for beginners. So I thought I was prepared... hahaha right!
So like all great students we get there early, sign a waiver and pay for our session. "Reen" the yoga queen says "Let's go in, put our mats down and relax before it starts". So we go in, it is dark and the smell of tea tree oil and sweat could knock you over, and it is freakin ( I won't swear but you know what I mean) hot. We placed our mats at the back of the room and lay down on our backs. 5 minutes in to this I am thinking holy "F" I look around and Reen and Jennie are calmly laying there in like a meditative state. Honestly I wanted to sneak out of there then, but pride told me I can do this, no sweat!!! Speaking of I have never sweat like that in my life. So it has only been 5 min. we still have 10 min until class starts and the class is 90 minutes long. By the time the class started my ice cold water was warm. So class starts, the lights come on, everyone stands up and we start with this crazy breathing exercise that made me want to pass out. Which means that I am doing it right, because as I learned throughout the class, you should feel light headed, like passing out and like throwing up. Check, Check, Check,...I know I am such an over achiever! So we get through all the standing postures and I honestly think that I am not going to make it. I really started to stress out, like I was losing control. Almost like I was claustrophobic or something, maybe like borderline panic attack. I forgot to mention that I was wearing 2 tank tops and a sports bra. running shorts and a pair of shorts over top. WAY TOO much clothes. Like I said earlier I didn't know what to expect. So we are back on the floor doing the floor postures. In one of the postures you do like a cobra style where you lift your head up and your legs up in one motion. Well the lady in front of me, who was wearing barely anything (which is very acceptable in hot yoga). Each time we did this posture I got a full hairy box shot, it was kind of gross actually, but funny! When things like that happen I always wonder do you really not know that your crotch is exposed for the world to see...come on...really...or do you just not care. The final last three postures I couldn't do them, I just laid down and counted the seconds until this class was over. The class finally finished and I honestly couldn't get out of there fast enough. When I got up I staggered out like a drunk and literally collapsed on the bench outside the doors. I sat there for 20 minutes. I finally got some strength back and left. We all looked so defeated when we got outside. It actually was quite comical and we have had some good laughs over it. I will tell you one thing, I slept like a baby that night and my skin felt amazing. After a few days I got up the courage and went back to try it again. Probably because the first time I went I thought that I was going to love it so I bought a package deal. I don't recommend that! TRY-IT first before you buy the cow sort a speak...hahaha! I have come to the conclusion that Bikram is okay but I don't think it is for me. I do love the way I feel after a class but that 90 minutes is torcher. So I may go here and there but I won't make it part of my regular routine. - Tasha

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