Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Painting with the girls...Oh what fun!

So tonight we took in a painting course at Caffe Crema in Bridlewood. Every 3rd Tuesday of the month they offer a painting class for $15. What only $15 you say...that's right! It includes everything paint, canvas and step by step instructions from a fantastic art teacher named Piroska and you leave with your very own painting! I loved it!!!

Now I am not an artist at all and I actually think that there is an elephant out there that paints better than I do, but I truly enjoyed it. The conversation reached an all time high with the girls and I have learned so much about my fellow Try-it's...let's just say if I ever need to blackmail one of them I got the goods and vice-versa...hahaha! I knew there was a reason why I liked these girls so much. The coffee shop Caffe Crema is a top notch place with great coffee and a plethora of tasty beverages. It is a great hang out spot and they offer so many events including live music. I have learned tonight that it is a little gem in Bridlewood that I will frequent often. If you are in the neighbourhood definitely check them out you will not regret it. I plan on attending a few more painting classes to practice my skills!!! ~Tasha~


  1. Tash, I need a big painting for my living room (3' X 3' or 4' X 4'). Square is what i have in mind. My couch is (don't laugh) rooster dink pink and it's tied together with chocolate brown. Ok more likei "m trying to hide it. Hey, it was free...and it's leather. If ti was a different colour it would be sought after!!! LOL! Are you up for painting something for the wall? I'll pay for all your supplies and give you a nice treat for your time. You might thin you're not a painter but you do good work! Mitch

  2. Hahaha trust me it looks better in the picture than person...but hey I'm always up for a challenge...Why not!

  3. Awesome! Feel free to use your artistic creativity!

  4. Hey Mitch email me a picture of your couch. I may try to tackle the painting in the next week or two!


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