Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Scuba - my new best friend

I L-O-V-E Scuba diving! The girls and I grabbed an awesome deal from Dealfind, a 90 minute intro class at Aqua Sport Scuba Center. We had a least I did! I was a little nervous before we got there but meeting the girls for a snack helped calm my nerves. We filled out some paperwork and then jumped into the water! Our instructor Don, was a 5 foot nothing scuba guru. He was patient, funny and put us all at ease. It was so awesome moving through the lesson, I learned more from this class then any other Scuba intro class I have attended while on vacation (scary, I know), and was really confident by the end of it. I am so ready for the open water! I feel as though a whole new world has been unlocked for me to enjoy. I can't pass it by. I will need to get back in the water and dive again...but maybe not in our climate. Bring on the tropics!

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