Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Still not sure if I like Scuba or not. I would have to try it again to be sure. The price was right. $20 for 90 minutes. If it wasn't for Aqua Sport Scuba Center offering such a great deal through Dealfind I probably wouldn't of tried it. Don Warner the instructor was great and you can tell he has a real passion for diving which is almost infectious. He is the perfect teacher, he really wants to see you succeed. I am glad I tried it, my husband wants to dive so I may go again with him and decide if it is for me or not.

At this stage I can say for sure that I wouldn't want to go in open water. (Speaking of "Open Water" have you seen that movie...based on a true story...SCARY) I don't think I would be comfortable being in really deep water. I am not the swimming in the ocean kind, but I do like to swim around our dock at Mara Lake. See herein lies the dilemma I have, If I scuba dived around our dock at the lake and see something scary, I may never want to swim in the lake again. Is it better to know what's down there or stay in my bubble of the unknown? To know or not to know that is the question. What do you think? ~Tasha~

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