Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Take the plunge! Scuba Diving in Marda Loop

I was super curious when I saw this come up on Dealfind. $20 for 90 minutes at Aqua Sport Scuba Center (located in Marda Loop). Sign me up!
Don't get me wrong ... I was really nervous. I've always been somewhat curious about scuba diving. I could have tried it while vacationing in Mexico or Cuba, but always found something else to check out. I enjoy looking at the ocean, playing in it with my kids, and hanging on the beach.

For some reason, I'm a big scaredy-cat when it comes to underwater activities. Growing up, I never took swimming lessons.
I have to say, Don (our instructor) was fantastic. You can tell he loves his job. He was really patient - a good teacher. Even though I struggled getting through the exercises, he kept motivating me to try again and keep practicing. I don't regret trying it. I learned about the equipment - how to put it all on - and how to successfully sink to the bottom :) I enjoyed watching the girls slither across the tank floor on their tummy's. They all looked so happy and proud of what they accomplished. It was a good time. I laughed. I swallowed a portion of the pool, but I hung in (at the shallow side of course!) . I DID IT - and that's what matters to me. It's something new that I can now scratch off my list. Thanks for the company, motivation and support Tasha, Marsha and Reen! And many thanks to you Don! If you've ever thought about trying it, I'd recommend checking this place out. Cheers - Jennie

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  1. Jennie you did so good and I am very proud of you for hanging in there!


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