Friday, May 13, 2011

Just Drink....and see what happens!!!

Last night we went to Summer Fashions & Wine Styles at the Oakridge Co-op Wines and Spirits Tasting Centre. First of all I want to say is that I didn't know that the Co-op had Wine and Spirits Tasting centres, and for those of you who also didn't know that they existed....please go and check them out. They have a website so you can see where all their locations are and also see when they have other events like the one we atteneded. The room we were in was really nice the set up was fantastic and Erin the sommelier was very informative, fun and friendly...when she was talking to us about how to smell and swirl the wine, she said "let's get the snobby part over with." I thought that was funny because I have always associated wine tasting and "snobby" together. But it wasn't. We had fun, we drank (no we didn't use the spit bucket) and of course we laughed. Now wine has never been one of my favorite things...I do like white wines and rosee wines but red I am not a fan...and I did try a few different red wines last night, I have to say still not a big fan. But I think I will have to keep trying...haha. I tend to favour the sweeter wines and I have a new fave after last night called Moscato D'Asti it is a sparkling white wine, sweet and fruity and soooo good.
The fashion part of the night was also fun and another business I was unaware existed. They had 2 personal stylists from Studio Gorgeous and also a lady showcasing her jewelery. Studio Gorgeous sounds like something I would totally love to do some day. What they do is help you find clothing and accessories that are suited to you and your body type. They cater to any budget which is totally awesome. They will come to your home or you can go to their studio, they will go through your closet or you can bring a suitcase full of your clothes to them...they will help you find outfits using your own clothes or help you shop for new clothes and then also help you accessorize. It's like our own "What Not to Wear" here in Calgary...and speaking of that they are having a gala event June 18th featuring Clinton from "What Not to Wear" they have tickets available on their website for $99.00 I think the Try It Girls might have to check that event out. As always hanging out with the girls was a fabulous time...we are already talking about doing another tasting in the near future...and until then we will just have to host our own tastings at home...~Marsha

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