Friday, May 13, 2011

Will the girl beside me notice if I swipe her ice wine?????

Location: Oakridge Co-op - Wine and
Spirits Tasting Center
Price: $21.42 (includes gst)

I am a HUGE fan of white wine... 'Bend in the River' and 'Evolution' are my favorites. Whenever I consume red, I end up with an instant headache - so unless it's used for cooking, I avoid it. For this activity, I had to branch out of my usual "happy place" & explore the tastes of blush, red and ice wines. Was this hard??? No way!!! Obviously, I had my favorites. Initally, the smell of a few glasses turned me off, but once I committed to taking a sip or two, I was surprised by the flavours I picked up on and the after taste.

The sommelier (Erin from Co-op) had a great personality and made the evening a fun event for all us ladies. She spoke about foods you could pair with each glass we sampled - and it all sounded delicious! In between sips (or gulps) we nibbled on a selection of cheese and bread sticks. In addition, there were 3 other women speaking at this event. 2 were personal stylists (discussing fashion and accessories) and another who makes jewelry using vintage pieces. Visit

The 2 hours flew by and most of my glasses were empty (why waste!?). Thanks again for driving Marsha :)

Would I recommend? Absolutely! Get your girlfriends together and buy your tickets!

Cheers - Jennie

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  1. COnsidering I was sitting beside...yes I would notice..haha...and I loved the ice wine...mmm good...let's go again..soon!!


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