Friday, February 25, 2011

I Hate Zumba!

So Zumba was the next activity on the docket and it was awful. I have no rhythm! I am the girl in the class that you look at and say well at least I'm not as bad as her! I dance like Elaine from Seinfeld. It is awkward, awful to do, and even more painful to watch. Good for some laughs though and that we did. Reen and Jennie really put me to shame, those girls got the moves!

Honestly I really got nothing out of it because I just couldn't find the beat. Remember the "Amazing Race" when the two guys couldn't march and you were screaming at the TV and thinking what idiots, who doesn't know how to march. Well that is what it felt like for me. Hahaha!!!

The instructor Jo Anne was great she could really move. But the best part other than laughing with the girls of course, was Nikki the manager at Spa Lady Canyon Meadows. She was really great and very easy to chat with. I never once felt pressured to buy a membership. Once my life settles down a bit I will definitely buy one. They have so many great classes that I want to try and I think there rates are very reasonable. So if your looking for a membership go in and ask for Nikki, they work on a bonus system a I always like to help out a fellow mom. ~Tasha~

Click on my heading "I Hate Zumba" for a video link! Enjoy!!!

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