Friday, February 25, 2011


Well...for our next adventure we are trying Zumba...haha..well the other 3 are doing Zumba...right now actually. We all met at Canyon Meadows Spa Lady...which is a great gym by the way...Tasha, Reen and Jennie went to the class and I went on the ellyptical. I unfortunately could not take part in this I broke my knee over a year ago and still am not quite healed. I have never been thankful about this happening...but maybe just a little today. As I have absolutley no rythym and I would be terrible at this...I am the person you see at dances moving one foot from side to side...I cannot dance. Zumba looks like a lot of fun...but today I am glad I was just a watcher. I had a great view of the Zumba class and of the 3 girls...I think they are going to be getting a good workout while learning a few new moves that their husbands will enjoy...I saw a lot of hip movements!! Hope you all had some fun!!!...Marsha

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