Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Country Strong...

I love country music...and I like Gwenyth Paltrow but as a singer I wasn't sure. But after seeing the movie Country Strong...I am definately a fan. I loved this movie, in fact I am going to be purchasing the album today, the songs and the singing were great for a country fan like me!
Beau is one of the main characters and his voice is so nice to listen to, talking or singing...mmm hope he is in some more movies soon. Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl is is a young up and coming country singer in the movie and I have to say she did a great job in this movie...she sings great too! Tim McGraw and Gwenyth Paltrow did a great job...almost wish Tim sang in it though...I know they won't be winning any awards for it but it entertained me...the story of the movie is about famous Country singer Kelly Cantor(Gwenyth) who is fresh out of rehab...trying to get herself back together on her concert tour. Tim Mcgraw plays Gwenyth's husband/Manager James. They have a rocky relationship as fame played a toll on thier marriage, cue Beau...whom Kelly meets in Rehab (he works there) he also happens to be a singer/songwriter who helps her with her rehab and in other ways too. When Kelly leaves rehab, Beau becomes one of her opening acts on the tour. And the other opening act is Chiles (Leighton Meester) she is a pretty young country singer who wants to be famous. At first we think that Chiles and James are going to get together in the movie and then you are hoping for her and Beau to get together...and you are also hoping that Kelly and James can find a way to work out their marriage...and in the end...one of those couples get together...but you have to go see the movie to find out...haha! I know the movie got bad reviews but I think if you like country music and a good chick flick then you should go and see it!! Click on my title...Country Stong to see a video of Beau and Chiles singing.... - Marsha

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